Duplicate projects from one workspace to another

Hello there :wave:,

I built an app for an industry partner and I was wondering if there is a way for me to copy the app and spreadsheet into a new workspace?

I would like to use the overall structure as a starting point to pitch and create apps for other companies in the space.

The first and preferred way is to create a Team folder and transfer the app into that folder. Then invite the other Glide user. Depending on who you want to be the primary “owner” of the app, you would have that user create the Team and invite the other Glide user as a member of the team. Note that Legacy Pro apps can not be transferred to a Team folder.

The second way would be to make the app copyable by going to Settings>>Sharing App Copy. Use caution with this method as anyone will be able to make a copy of your app. It may be best to first make a duplicate of your app and make that duplicate copyable. This way only those you give this new URL to will be able to make a copy. ALSO DO NOT FORGET TO TURN OFF “APP COPY” WHEN THE PERSON YOU WANT TO HAVE A COPY OF YOUR APP HAS MADE THAT COPY!!

Note: If an app was derived from a Template, no matter how many changes or improvements you may have incorporated in the app, Glide does not allow you to share it with anyone. This is to protect the original author’s work.


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