Copying app to a different Work space

Hi there! I find myself with an app in a Work space. I want to duplicate it to another workspace but since I didn’t make a copy to keep in my apps, I can’t. I have seen it’s doable with PRO templates, but not iwth Private plans. Does someone know how to do thsi? I got the worng group when moving it and now I feel like the only solution is rebuilding the app just because I need it in a different workspce :scream:

If you make the app copyable, then make a copy (not duplicate), then that copy should be back in your personal workspace

I can only duplicate it in the same workspace, but no way to transfer it or the copy to a different one:


That’s not what I meant.
I meant to make the app copyable via the sharing settings

Sorry, I was on my phone earlier, and couldn’t provide a screen shot. Here is what I was referring to:

If you make the app copyable, then copy it yourself, the copy that you make should be in your personal workspace. You can then delete the original, or whatever…

Right! Got you! I’ll do that then, thanks a lot :slight_smile: