Accidentally transferred app to team

I accidentally transferred app to other team where I am not the owner. Is there any way to undo my actions. The app is gone from my dashboard and I can’t add the app to other team.

Please help me. @ThinhDinh

I assume you can still access the app? Make the app copyable, copy it back to your dashboard and move it to the other team I guess.

I did the same thing as the author of the topic. I can duplicate the app, but I can’t put it back on my dashboard. It only gives me the option to transfer it to the StitchEase team, which makes no sense as it’s already in that team.
CleanShot 2022-01-23 at 18.14.30

This is a major setback and because of my own stupidity :woman_facepalming: But is there anything I can do to fix it? :cold_sweat: :sob:

I think copying it back to your dashboard is the only way.

This only works if you’re the owner of the team folder though…I’ve done this before…no way to get out of the team folder otherwise… you need to ask the owner of the team folder to make it copyable, publish it, give you the publish link and then copy it to your account.

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I’m the owner and the only collaborator on the whole thing, so that’s easy! Thank you, I didn’t think about sharing it to be copyable. This worked! Phew =)


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