My apps disappeared


I just realised I have 3 unpublished apps that disappeared from “My Team”. Is there a way to get them back !!! I really need them for a project I’m about to start…

Thanks !


Hi Charlie,

Check if you transfer them to any other team?

On the left side of glide dashboard, you would see a list of all the teams you have created. Maybe you have transferred the apps to some other team.

Hi Hassan,

I already looked with no luck. I have to say, these apps were copies of other apps. Does the copy disappear when the original is deleted ? (If so that would be super strange)

No that doesn’t happen.

Maybe @SantiagoPerez can help you. Submit a ticket.

Apps just don’t disappear.

Are you sure you don’t have them in another team?

We cannot recover any app that has been deleted.

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Ok my bad, the app is on another account. Thanks !


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