Restore app

Help !!!

I deleted by mistake an app… is there a way to restore it ???

Thanks a lot !

No, I’m afraid that there isn’t any way to restore a deleted App.

How did you manage to delete one by accident, when you have to deliberately type “delete this app forever”? :thinking:

I know…
I Transfered it to another team and deleted from This team…
what à bullshit !

Thanks for answer…

To finish with this misadventure, I would like to point out that the application was not in production. it was only the outline of a new project, so there is no gravity.

On the other hand, it serves as a lesson to me: always make a copy before transferring an application to another team. I also think it can be smart to make backups regularly!

Just want to make sure I understand correctly. You transferred the App to another team, and then you deleted it from the team that you transferred it to. So the App doesn’t exist in either team. Right?

Exact !
Dont do that… its Bad idea !