How can I move back an app from a team to my apps

I was trying out teams and moved my app into a team but I want to move it back to My apps. I’m not able to do it. Not seeing any option.

I’ve additional rows in My Apps because of successful referral and so want to move back my app.

Hola @Siddharth_Nahar,

I had to do this a few days ago. What I did was make the app copyable, then copy it on my apps. I also copy the URL and use that one in the app I copied.

I hope this helps.


Is there no other way? My app is actually used by a community I’m part of so can’t change the URL.

You can use the same url. This will your user to open the app like it is the same one.

I’ve to delete the Teams app then, right?

You may not need to delete it, just change the URL to something else so the existing one is available. Once it is available you just have to add it to the copy.

Thanks, I’ll do what you said. But I’d request Glide team to make this as a feature to be able to move the app back to My Apps.


This has been a request for a long time, I believe, but there’s no ETA.

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