Ppl can't access to my app

I moved my app to another folder ( wanted to collaborate with others )
but then all of sudden ppl can’t view my app anymore.
And i can’t find anywhere where I can replace my app back to previous folder.
Kindly assit.

Thank you!


When you say “folder”, do you mean team/org?

Did you transfer the app from your dashboard to the team/org?

yes, team

I think i “moved” my app to another team, but i can’t move it back now.
it’s still under my acc, same link… but somehow the access is removed.
even when i opened it, i had to insert my email,
and ppl who used to be able to see it, can’t view anymore ( even after insert email )

What’s the error looking like on their end? Can you send us a screenshot?

Did you move a copy or the original? If you moved a copy there’ll be a new link…

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i think it’s original, becoz i can’t find it in original team.

sent, thank you!

What is the privacy settings for that app?

截圖 2021-03-16 下午9.07.36

No I mean is your app public with email, limited by password, limited by emails in profies sheet etc.

no, i didn’t set limited by password.