[Resolved] Need help with app login issue info

Hi Glide Team,

I am getting the “The email address doesn’t have access to this app. Please try another.” message when I try to login to my app. Does this mean I have capped my personal app limit for the month? Or could it be something to do with what I did below …

I was playing around with a few things with both my main app and a copy of that which was there in “My Team” folder. For some reason, I have moved my main working app to “My Team”. I can see it there and work on it etc. But am not allowed to log in to it on any of my devices.


*** UPDATE ***

Apparently, it was the latter. Moving the app to the MyTeam has lead to updating of the privacy setting to “My team team members only”. Literally spent the last 30+ mins searching the whole community and it doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere :frowning:

Thanks a ton to @Darren_Murphy for pointing me to it.

Also regarding the first part of my question - just in case someone is new, we get to see the usage when you hover the mouse on the “Upgrade” button on the top right.

If its former, is there a place or page where i can check or keep a tab on my usage?

On the dashboard bottom left all that i see is 500/2000 and not sure if i can click anything there other than the referal link or tweet button.


When you move an app to a team folder, quite often (always?) the Privacy settings will change.
So the first thing to do is check there and make sure you have the correct sign-in option selected.


Thanks a ton Darren. But why isnt it documented anywhere? ( or am i seeing in wrong place?)

I can’t answer that, nor do I know if it’s even intended behaviour.
It’s just something that I’ve noticed and have become aware of :slight_smile:

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