Trouble with login

My app’s URL:

I have an app for my online course and one student is having issues logging in. When you are logging in to get the access pin it says her email address doesn’t have access, however it is listed correctly in my sheet for students. I’ve tried deleting it and putting it back but it has the same problem. Other students can access it fine, so I’m not sure what’s happening.
Can anyone help??! Thanks

You should publish your app first, then try again. Should work if the address is correct.

Not sure if it matters, but check for extra spaces and upper vs lower case. If there anything unique about this email address compared to others? Try the Reload Sheet button to make sure glide had the updated whitelist of emails.

I’ll double check with any lower or upper case letters and then try reloading and see if anything changes. Thanks

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Hi Jeff! Thanks it worked for some reason the app wasn’t reloading. But looks like it’s working! Glad it was something simple :slightly_smiling_face:

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