App won't recognize my email for access

Hello! So, I am currently the only user on my user table (and the app developer) yet when I try to text components like chat, comments, etc, the sign-in will not accept my email as one that has access to the app. My email is the ONLY email that is in the users table. I’ve tried changing the privacy options as well as adding alternate emails and none seem to work. My settings are currently set to private and Users in the User Table. I also have access requests on, hide user emails (could that be it??), and lastly, I have cookies set to Always set user authentication code.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Would you mind providing screen shots of both your Privacy Settings and your User Profiles configuration?

Not a problem of course! Thanks for taking the time to reply! Since the forum only allows one media item per post for new members, this is my privacy settings:

Here is my user table.

and lastly, this is the profile configuration.

Does this only happen in the builder? Have you tried it from the real app?

I haven’t tested but can you try if Glide still forces you to “sign in” again if you have already signed in and want to chat or comment?

Oh! Okay, so the real app actually works! It is just with the builder. And no you don’t need to sign in again if you are already! Thank you!!

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