My App Disappered

I have an app that has been used by my customer for over 3 years. It is a classic app used to track expenses. I was asked to add another user to the User Profile worksheet in my Sheets workbook. I did that from Sheets.

I went to share the app with the new user and could not find the app in my Glide dashboard. I have checked all teams and it is not there. I only have one Glide account.

I have the app running on my iPhone and it is still there. I need to have this app back. What to do?

Can you try checking your dashboard from another browser to see if it helps?

You’re probably looking at the wrong team.

We never delete your apps. Every time our support helps with this kind of problem, you’re either signed in with the wrong email or looking in the wrong team.


Thanks guys. Glide Support helped me quickly. It turns out that when I built that app (over 3 years ago). I was using another account. We found it and were able to make the appropriate changes.

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