The application has disappeared from my account

The application has disappeared from my account
I was surprised that the application was not available on my personal account and it was never deleted

Hello Mohammad, welcome to Glide’s community forum.

Two things you could check if you cannot locate your application:

  • Are you in the correct Google account? Sign out of Glide, and log back in to Glide with all of your Google accounts. See if the application is in one of the other Google accounts.

  • Are you looking at the correct team? On the left hand side in the dashboard, you’ll notice folder-like teams. Browse though the teams you might have there to see if you can locate your app in a different team.


Yes, before I write here, I have already checked all my accounts, but I did not find it completely .
I have already done that and entered from all accounts, but I did not find the application completely in my account. I will also attach a picture of the application working, but it is working to develop a message on the main screen.

It it possible that another Google Account is the owner of the app, and your Google Account was invited to be a member of the original team?

So you do seem to have access to the application?

I did not understand exactly what you mean or what I should do to find my application, I want to enter the application and the database.

I’m so sorry, I misunderstood you. Let’s take a step back.

Previously, you shared a screenshot. In this screenshot, it says “This app has reached its rows limit”. Is this the app you are looking for?

(By the way, you can write in your mother tongue if it is easier for you. People here will then use an online translator to understand you. Don’t hesitate to use your native language.)

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Yes, this is what I have not entered in my account.

نعم هذا صحيح ، هذا هو التطبيق ولكن لم اجد اي شي عن التطبيق في لوحة التحكم الخاص بي

So the app is still accessible through the link you have, but you no longer see it on the account you’re logging in?

Can you provide a screenshot of your dashboard?