Has anyone had their app go completely missing?

A week ago, I was working in the app, when I was suddenly kicked out. I tried to log back in only to get the “account does not exist” message. After working with support for a few days, we were able to get my account back but now there is no app! When I pointed this out to support they sent me a video asking me to show them the issue with developer tools enabled. That is fine and all but I have no app. The best I can do is send the screenshot. Has anyone else had this issue? Where you able to retrieve your app? Many of hours lost and work I have to redo for a client.

Every time this has happened before, it turned out that the person signed in with a different email than the one with which they created their app originally. Do you have another email?

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I do but I have tried every email possible. Also I built the app for my client, who’s email I have access to, she paid on that account recently. So I know that is the account, however I have tried multiple times to log into every other email it could possibly be. This was literally the first question asked to me a week ago. So it sort of feels like I am being run in circles, and that no real resolve is happening. It’s disappointing.

I talked to support, and they mentioned that they already told you on the support thread that your app was deleted by you or someone with access to your account. Did you delete it? Could you have, by accident?

Yes, they just message me to say the app was deleted but the app in question is not on my account and I have told them that. It is on my clients account. Additionally I did not delete an app, I never told them I deleted the app. I told them I deleted the the Glide Sheet ‘users’, but that we were not using that. We were fully integrated with Airtable. I was 100% unable to even access my account after that. It kept saying “This account does not exist” even though I had just been in it. Why would deleting one sheet delete the whole account?? Additionally I saw others in the this forum say they had the same error message a few weeks back, “This account does not exist” - so I know that it has been a problem for others in the past. Just now when I came to glide in on my laptop it opened to another account I have violet@bemytc.com. I saw AUM app there, clicked into and there was nothing. Just an hour ago, I was unable to login to that account because I kept getting the, “this account does not exist” message, I know that this account does exist but to be honest I don’t care at this point because the AUM app that I am referring to was not on that account. I logged out, cleared my cookies and logged back in and got the same error messages even thought I was just in that account.

Also of note, they said I deleted an app called ‘asset management’ - on MY account, this is true, that was a test app on my account. The actual app I build on my clients account, it was called AUM. AUM is the missing app on my clients account. So the app I deleted (on MY account) is not the app in question.

Hi Violet,

We have asked you for a video of the “This account does not exist” issue with the developer console opened.

Is it possible that when this happens, you can make this video so the engineering team takes a look at it?

Also, if the app you are having issue with is in your client account, then a ticket with their information should be open so we can investigate.

This is the first time I hear that the app in question is in someone else’s account, we have been checking your account and that’s how we came to find that an app was deleted.

I am now able to get into my clients account, so getting in her account is not the issue anymore. The missing app is the issue. I can do a Loom video but I guess I do not see the point there is nothing to show.

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I told you from the beginning it was not my account. I sent the receipts as well. Regardless, I have now been unable to access three of my accounts, “this account does not exist” so clearly something is going on here. I manage her account.

Please, send us the video that we have asked on your ticket.

Attached is the message you sent me along with a link to the video. The video is showing me opening the APP in developer tools. There is no app. I am bit confused as to what exactly you want a video of, especially since the video I was sent is referring to have trouble loading photos etc… I am not having trouble in the app, I have no app. I am happy to send a video but of what exactly?

Hi Violet,

The video that we are requesting is of your trying to sign in while the developer console is opened.

Also, as per my reply in the support ticket, we need to keep all the information in one place, please send the information requested.