Cannot Transfer App to New Team

After the App page change to folders, I was not able to transfer app to another team. Or is there a way to do that?

Should be able to. Can you show a screenshot of the app menu from the team dashboard?

Now I have the same problem. I don´t see the option “transfer to team”. I use a Non-profit account. How to solve this?

When you click on the 3 dots for your app in the team dashboard, what do you see?

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I see the options:

create template
get support link…

Are you the owner of the Team?

I´m not the owner. But the owner (administrator) also can´t transfer the apps from Non-Profile account.

@kyleheney is this a limit of nonprofit plans?

Hmm it may be part of the issue, though I’ve never encountered it and I’ve moved apps in and out of non-profit teams without a problem.

is this a Classic App? Maybe that is part of the problem?


It´s not a Classic App.