Put my apps on the correct team

I would like to transfer two apps that are on PRO plan (outside the folder) to a team folder created by me, however I am afraid to do the downgrade procedure because they are client apps.

I would like some help with this, has anyone done this?

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When trying to transfer I get the following message: “Team apps cannot be transferred to other teams An app that is already on a team cannot be transferred to a team.” However, the two apps are not in any team folder.

Gostaria de tranferir dois apps que estão com plano PRO (fora da pasta) para uma pasta do time criada por mim, no entanto estou com receio de fazer o procedimento de downgrade pois são apps de clientes.

Gostaria de ajuda com isso, alguem já fez?

@SantiagoPerez Do you think there would be huge issues with a production app if they have to downgrade and move that to a team? Would it just take some minutes?

There shouldn’t be any issues. Plenty of people have done this already w/o issues.