Converting to new plan

Sorry if this has already been answered.

I have setup a new Team. I want to move 2 existing pro and pro/private apps to the new team, do I just click on the 3 buttons and tell it to move to “select the target team”

Will there be an outage, if these have a branded domain, will it automatically transfer across. Do I need to upgrade the target TEAM first ?

You cannot move a pro app without first downgrading it to free and then set up payment options on your new team and transfer the app. What I would do to minimize the outage is duplicate the app, which leaves the original app untouched (you can downgrade that later) and transfer the duplicate.

But Glide is going to be offering discounts to pro plans to move to the new team, so I’d wait until they announce what those are and the procedure unless you have a clear need to move to the new plan right away.


In this case, you should duplicate the apps. You should first go to the Billing page of the new team and upgrade it to the Team plan you want. Then you would downgrade the two apps and transfer them to the new Team.

This would preserve the custom domain setting as the apps would be the same apps. When transferring the only thing that changes is where the app is listed in the Team (or My Apps) folder the app itself does not get duplicated.


Hi George,

Did you mean “you should NOT duplicate the apps”. I need to preserve the branding (dns entries) to minimise down time and not confuse users having to redownload a new app and sign in again… etc…

If you duplicate the app, you can simply enable custom domain on the new app during off hours. Your users won’t notice any difference except they might be prompted to sign back in.

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@Dan_San Yes, I did mean you should NOT duplicate your apps. I would do it at an off-hour for the least amount of disruption for your uses.

Yes, that’s what I would do.