Plan change

Im using the old private pro right now and I want to change to the new plan for business & enterprise. How can I switch plan? and if I change the plan is app still be there or I have to make a new one?

A lot about the new team plans is explained here:
All-new team plans

As far a I recall, transitioning old plans to the new one will happen in due time.

Hi, you simply create a new team with the new plan and then transfer your app to the new plan. It needs to be a free app; not pro to be able to transfer it. So simply make a duplicate of it and transfer the duplicate to the new plan.

However, as @nathanaelb said, they will be offering discounts and incentives to move to the new plan for those on existing pro plans, so you might just want to wait a bit – unless you have an urgent need to use the new plan.

  1. Make a new team, and upgrade it to the new plans.
  2. Downgrade your Pro app (required to transfer it).
  3. Transfer it to the new team.

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