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I am trying to transfer pro to a new app. I downgraded the old app and moved it to a new team. I was told I would have credits to which I then I can upgrade the new app. The old app no longer says pro but I do not have credit to apply to the new app. I am trying to set up users and row owners and need the pro version to do this properly. Any ideas? I have contacted support but I am sort of on deadline.

As far as I’m aware, there is no way to transfer credits from one team to another. I believe that can only be done by Glide Support.

Do you have the credit on the team where you downgraded the app?

I was told to transfer the old app to another team (not sure why) so I did. The new app is still on the account with PRO sub but I am not sure how to get the pro on the new app.

No, I do not, that is the issue. There are not credits anywhere. Two teams, one team has the downgraded app, with no plan attached. The other team has the new app with the pro plan but the pro plan in not on the app.

It’s not ideal at all, but the only way to enable the new pricing is by creating a team folder after new pricing rolled out. If you already had a pro app inside of a team folder, then that team folder is inconveniently ineligible to upgrade to new pricing.

Do you see that you still have credit in the old team folder? If so, contact Support and they can transfer it. If you don’t see that you have credit, check your billing because they might have just billed you a prorated amount for the time that you had the app instead of issuing a credit.


I am really confused. I have the Pro Billing - they just charged me $99 on June 10, on this account where the app is. On the other team, the old app is there, it is not longer earmarked Pro and that account is the free plan.

How do I get the PRO plan on this new app?? I have contacted support but have not heard back yet.
There are no credits anywhere.

If the new team is on a Pro payment plan, and your new app is in that team folder, then any published app in that team folder should have pro features.

As for your old plan, there is a bit of a transition process due to the new pricing. I believe glide will have to manually transfer any credits you may have with your old plan to the new team plan. This probably isn’t automatic, so they have to do it manually. Since it’s the weekend, I would wait until at least tomorrow until they get back to you.

Strange that your AUM app says “9 Days” on it…

None of this ‘new pricing’ - I know they just rolled out new pricing but our PRO plan was in place before that. My goal was just to remove to old app from the PRO plan and add the new app. It seems pretty straightforward. People keep mentioning credits but there are not credits. Appreciate your help though.

I know and that account has the PRO plan - on it. This plan was in place and set before the new pricing rollout so it shouldn’t have anything to do with it.

Yeah, that looks like a Private Pro trial to me. Not sure how it is connected to the issue in this thread.

Piggybacking on this since it looks awfully familiar.

My billing screen looked like KC’s a few days ago with the Upgrade button. It said I have until July 2 until my next billing. When I went back today I did not have this option.

I have only two ‘projects’ in my Builder both in the My Team folder. I created a new Team Dev folder and ‘Upgraded’ it to Pro $99/mp.

Now I can’t transfer the App/Page over to the new folder. Not sure if that is connected somehow to this.

BTW…I duplicated the App (which is currently Private Pro, Monthly) and it would allow me to transfer it.

Do I need to exit “Private Pro” billing so I can move it?

Thanks for helping

Yeah, that makes sense.
My understanding is that you can’t transfer paid apps into the new teams. So you either have to do as you did and transfer a duplicate that hasn’t been upgraded to a paid app, or downgrade them first and then transfer.

This potentially leaves you with a dangling credit for your paid app. And the only way to transfer this credit to your new team is to contact Glide Support and ask them to transfer it for you. They would need the Team ID’s of both the old and new teams. The ID is part of the URL that’s shown when you’re on the team dashboard - the part after /0/

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Thanks Darren

Can someone from Glide confirm this is the correct process?


Ya, looks like this is correct. Downgrade/Duplicate the app, then transfer. You can’t transfer a legacy Pro app to a team folder with new pricing.