Transfer pro to another app - urgent

I need to transfer my Pro membership to another app. I wrongly assumed there would be a button to do this.
I am launching the new version of the app today and need the pro features for launch.

Anyone has an idea of how to do this?

Thanks in advanced

You should be able to downgrade the app that is Pro and then make the new one a Pro.

Yep…but indeed, the process could be a bit clarified. And maybe display the number of “pro credits” available to upgrade apps.

But it’s maybe already the case, I haven’t upgrade any app at the moment. :blush:

I thought I remember reading that they would show the number of licenses if it’s 5 or greater. Could be making that up.

It’s interesting that you say that “display number of pro credits”. It actually use to be that way until the latest UI change to Glide. For some reason that went away.

Hum ok… Should be back soon so!

Thank you for all replies. @George_B for some reason that doesn’t appear on mine. I have a greyed out “update to pro” button only. In the meanwhile @Mark has reached out and he can do this from the back end.

Same here - I would like to downgrade, then perhaps build a new app and upgrade.
I am not utilizing the license for the app project, and can use it in other places instead.

Pro apps cannot yet be transferred to orgs

Please downgrade your app, or duplicate it and transfer a non-Pro copy.

See David’s answer here:

But if I downgrade from billing setting I can’t upgrade another app pro. I have to wait the end of the pro subscription of the first app. I don’t want pay two pro subscription!
I want downgrade my app to free now and upgrade another app to pro now. Sorry for english.

Is the process to upgrade and downgrade app different now? I seem to recall being able to do it in the App Dashboard (I don’t quite remember anymore).

I want to shift my Pro credits from one app to another but it seems there isn’t an option to do that anymore. How can that be done?

Please email and tell us which apps to switch.

Hey @david!
I am thinking of taking advantage of the 50% off offer. But my client’s app is not ready for transfer from my account to his account yet.

Can I purchase a Pro credit in his account and transfer the pro membership later to the new app?


That’s what I did. I’ve created a “blank app” and upgraded it to pro using the coupon. And later I will transfer the pro subscription, as far as this option is availble in the apps screen, for each pro app. I think there’s no reason that it does not work later. I hope… :smile:

Hummm… No, in fact we can transfer the app to an org. Not sure about the pro plan. But if an annual plan is subscribed for an app which is deleted during the year, there’s no reason to no be able to transfer the subscription to another app. Else it would be synonym of refund (prorata of the remaining subscription period)

A subscription transfer facility was announced few weeks ago, I found the initial message in this forum.
. We have the ability to reassign Pro apps to any of our Free apps. All we have to do is:

  1. Go to the Billing Section, click the three dots next to the Pro app we wish to no longer be Pro, and click “Transfer subscription"

  2. Select the app we wish to become Pro from the dropdown.

So, for apps with monthly subscription, transfer this subscription to another app. Then, upgrade the previously monthly pro app to an annual pro app using the coupon.

I have not tested by myself but it should app. On my side, I have first canceled the monthly pro app, but it also expires the 11th of June, so as cancelled, I can’t change anything for this app till expiration. So I have used the coupon to another app, a’d I will switch the 12th if June!

Thanks @david – I’m giving up my big data project after trying to push the boundaries of Glide. I would like to transfer the pro credits to the next project I’m starting up. I presume I still need to just email

You can transfer Pro subscriptions between your own apps without emailing Support, in your billing settings.