Transfer pro to another app - urgent

ok. great. But but I plan on using a different email account

FYI, this is an old thread.

The instructions above are outdated since we changed pricing on Sept 1st 2020. You can’t transfer licenses anymore. What you do is cancel the plan (Settings/Billing) on the app you no longer what the subscription on. You will get a prorated credit applied to your account for the time left on the plan. That credit will be automatically applied to any future app you upgrade.


This should be the new solution.

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Hi everyone, I need to transfer my pro app to another app because I closed google workspace account and I need to use excel integration. Thanks in advance

I believe you can downgrade an app and Glide will give you back a pro-rata amount based on the subscription time you have left. You can use that amount to update your new app.

I can not downgrade app, before I could do it from billing section, but now I didn’t it.

Someone can help me? Please. @Jeff_Hager @david

  • Open your app in the builder
  • Go to settings (the hexagon to the right of the grid and phone)
  • Click on billing
  • Click ok cancel.

Thank you guys. @SantiagoPerez @Jeff_Hager