Transferring Pro subscription from one app to another


I have transferred subscription of an app “A” to another app “B”.

The billing section shows the app “B” as Pro, Monthly billing.

But the dashboard still shows the app “A” as Pro and app “B” as normal free app. When I click into “B” to edit, it’s still showing the Upgrade option and Pro features are unavailable. For app “A” I don’t see the upgrade button.

Does it take time to reflect the changes?

The only Pro feature I had on app “A” was the configuration to custom domain. I have removed that configuration, and still see the Pro features available for “A” and not for “B”.
Note: The Billing section shows that app “B” is under the Pro plan now.

Update: Applications have updated. App “B” is now Pro and app “A” is free basic.

I am assuming it took time to reflect. Not sure how much time exactly. I checked after 4 hrs and it has been updated.