How do I switch the Pro version from one app to another I created? I am also trying to change the name of the app I am switching to the Pro version

My subscription renewed for one app that I am not currently using, and I wanted to switch another app to Pro version instead.

If you go to your Billing screen, you can transfer a subscription from one app to another.

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Thank you! I just started working on this yesterday after a hiatus. Good to know.

I still can’t find a button that either allows me to cancel or transfer a subscription. Anyone know where to look. Seems like things have changed around.

If you have an app on one of the old plans, you should be able to cancel it via Settings → Billing.

Still can’t see anything.

You’re looking in the wrong place.
Open your app in the builder, then go to Settings → Billing.

Okay let me try, thanks.

Okay perfect, pretty sure that was in a different place last time? Otherwise i got severe case of brainfade.
And will they give me a credit for the unused portion, i want to use that to upgrade another app?

They will, but I’m not exactly sure how that works with the new pricing/billing setup. I think if you’re upgrading an app in the same team, it should be fine.