Cannot Downgrade from Pro

I don’t seem to be able to downgrade from a pro app to a “basic” app anymore. I believe that I used to be able downgrade from the app dashboard by clicking on the ellipsis on each app. Did this functionality move?

Noticed that too.

You can cancel subscriptions in Billing.

We had advanced mode for people with many subscriptions. I think we’ve broken that.

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Hi David - I’m one of those people with multiple subscriptions. Any idea when it might get resolved?

I also just sent an email to hello@glideapps with the name of the app to be downgraded / deleted to free up a pro license. Can you do that “behind the scenes”?

Hi, I wanted to downgrade an app from Pro to Free, when i clicked on Cancel Subscription the dialog box said the app would no longer be available?

Can you share a screenshot of what you see? I’m pretty sure you’re being warned that it will no longer be available at your custom domain name. Your app is still in your account if you cancel.

This is the dialog box, thanks


I see. Your app will still be accessible at that address — that should only show for custom domains.

along a similar topic, i created an app that i want to have PRO subscription.

I already have a PRO subscription on a different app, but I want to delete that app and transfer my PRO subscription to my new app.

I did this because I could not figure out how to change my source Google Sheet for my existing app, therefore I just created a new one.

In the end, I only need one app with one PRO subscription. Could you help with this?

Thanks so much in advance.