Downgrading from Pro-Upgrading to Pro

I am a green green beginner learning Glide plodding my way through a tutorial app. Halfway into it and somewhere I made a mistake and given my beginner level of understanding and the distance travelled so far into the tutorial, I want to downgrade the app from Pro and assign Pro status to a copy I made yesterday that is devoid of the mistake I am unable to track down. If I downgrade the app in which resides the mistake and upgrade the backup copy how do I go about doing that? and will I be penalized under the new pricing model announced today(will I lose the 1 year grace period?)

Cancel your Downgrade via the three-dot menu on your app on the billing page.

Then use the Transfer Subscription feature in the same menu.

I have not downgraded yet, I was waiting to hear back first. Are you saying I just need to use the “Transfer subscription” feature and I am good to go?..ok cool, I just saw as you described. I just clicked transfer and it looks like all is good to go. Thanks.

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That’s right!

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