Moving Pro account to another app in Glide

I have one app that has the Pro account on it. I want to delete that app and put the PRO account on another app in the same account. Support said I had to downgrade the PRO app but all I see it to cancel. Do I cancel or delete the app with PRO? Will I maintain my PRO plan that I can then put onto the new app I made - again in the same account, on the same team.

If you’re on the old plan (individual app pricing instead of team pricing) then you downgrade the PRO app first, then get a pro-rata amount put back into your Glide balance. You can then use that amount to upgrade the other app.

Thank you, but how does one ‘downgrade’ - I only see cancel. I had my whole app disappear a week ago so I am a little nervous about doing anything and losing everything again.

Thank you!

Cancel should work, but you can always make a duplicate copy beforehand if that makes you feel more comfortable.

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