Transfer app pro

Hi everybody, i have a doubt
I have two professional applications.
In the one on the left I have already replaced the versions with another application-
On the other hand, in the one on the right (which is inside a team folder) it appears like this.
Does it work the same way?
That is, I choose to cancel and then it gives me the option to associate it with another app.
Thanks for your time


It seems like you attached an image but it didn’t come through. Can you try attaching an image again?

Hi, @ThinhDinh ,thanks for taking the time to reply.
It is already solved.
I’ll show it to you in case it works for you.
In previous applications, you had the option to transfer the plan to another application.
now it just seems to me to cancel.
As it is an application that is being used by my client, I was afraid that I would not be able to make the change later.
but I have to cancel the plan and then assign another one.
I have not been able to do it yet because the application is in constant use and it is not a good time.
I will wait for the weekend

You could also purchase 1 additional app… make your changes and then cancel the original. You will receive account credit that’s good for future glide expenses.

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Thanks, it doesn’t seem practical to me.