Can I change My Pro account to a new app?

Basically I want to know if there’s a way to change my pro subscription to a new app. I got my pro account right away before I realized I coun’t change the google sheet of an app after it was created.

So I made a new app with a new google sheet and wanted to know if I can transfer my pro account to the new app? I know I can edit the new sheets but It has a bunch of formulas I didn’t want to have to adjust them.


Hey Glide team, I wouldn’t mind some documentation on this process, too. I’ve had a few clients ask me the same thing regarding pro app credit that they wanted to transfer to a different app that we collaborated on. What’s the official procedure? Thanks!



I would also like to know this.

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@Jaime @Robert_Petitto @Kibsaim_Hernandez

You are all in luck. Today, we’ve released the ability for you to reassign your Pro apps to any of your Free apps. All you have to do is:

  1. Go to your Billing Section, click the three dots next to the Pro app you wish to no longer be Pro, and click “Transfer subscription”:
  2. Select the app you wish to become Pro from the dropdown.

Will this work from a pro app in my apps to a draft app in an org? If so, this is the answer I was looking for!

Unrelated…can I transfer an app from staging (that doesn’t use any staging-exclusive features) to production environment?

Amazing timing :smiley:

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@Robert_Petitto You can transfer a Pro app to an org, but it will transfer as a public app. The org will be given a credit for the amount of time that you’d otherwise double-pay.

Transferring from staging to production is not possible. Staging sometimes has internal changes that would make the app break on production, even if no particular staging features are used.

That’s my use case anyway! Awesome. Thanks, Mark!

I tried to transfer a pro app listed under ‘my apps’ to a org app. The org app does not show as an option.

Do I have to move my pro app over to the organization?

Not tried it myself but does this help?

Be aware

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Yes, I know about this. That’s why I want to be sure a move is needed. :slight_smile: