Moving Pro App from One Glide Account to Another

Can I transfer the ownership of my Pro App from my Personal Glide Account to my official Glide Account?

What do you mean “personal” and “official”? Are they just 2 different emails? I think you can ask Mark to help with this.

Yes, just two different email accounts.

@Mark can you help.

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Would like to know as well whether this is possible!

I’d just copy the app and cancel the pro in the ‘personal’ and get in the ‘official’. You can’t transfer ownership for now.

Does that really impact the pricing in any way?

Thanks! Problem with that approach is that I have to provide all users with a new link. Furthermore, I currently have more than 500 rows in my pro app.

You can update the link and keep the same one, as for the rows @Mark will be the best person. The other workaround is creating an org and adding the official account as an editor, you’ll be able to change ownership in the future according to Glide


Thank you, That is helpful

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Thanks that helps a lot!

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Number of rows shouldn’t matter. You can copy an app with more than 500 rows. It will just show limited data in the app until you upgrade the copy to pro. The only issue I think you would ever have is if your old pro account is still using the old pricing prior to October. If you are on the new pricing, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Glide prorates their pricing so you should only be billed for the days you use, up until you cancel. Same for the new app. If you add pro in the middle of the month, you should only be billed for that partial month.


So to transfer the pro app, we just cancel the old one, and make the new one Pro without paying again, correct?

Hi all, does anybody know if this is still the case? I’ve got one Pro app which is this Frankenstein of random experiments I’ve done to just learn the Glide platform but would like to now recreate a new app from scratch with the correct schema/structures in place. If I cancel the Frankenstein one and upgrade the new one, both will be pro-rated right? Thanks in advance!

As long as the Frankenstein app has the current pricing model, then yes, still the case.

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Thanks @Robert_Petitto !