Is there any documentation on ownership transfer?

I’m looking for some guidance on best practice for transfer of ownership following a sale.

I’d like to transfer ownership of the glide app in its entirety. Including all user/customer information, sales information etc.

Has anyone been through this process before that would be willing to share their insight?


I think most people offer the apps as a monthly service charge but I do know @Robert_Petitto does have quite a bit of business. He might be able to help you.

Ask the recipient to create a team and add you as a member, then transfer the app to their team.


Can I create a new account on the buyer’s behalf, complete these steps and then hand over the new account logins with the app belonging to the new account?

Sure, you can do that if you give them access to the underlying Google Account. We do not recommend this approach.


This is what I do!


I’ve just tried this and get the following error


There was an error transfering your app.

Typically this is because the app you’re trying to transfer is a pro app. What you’ll have to do is remove the pro plan from the app which gives you a prorated credit. Then transfer the app. Then reapply the pro plan.

Is this the case for you?

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Yes, it is a pro app.

Removing the pro plan will not affect the asset in any way, will it?

Also, how do you remove the pro plan?

Concern is that it is connected to a custom domain

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Yeah that’s tricky. I’ll default to Glide’s advice. @david

i’ve done this, how do I make them the owner and me removed?