Share an App with a Team


I have an active app with 28 users. It is a pro app. I would like to share this app with a “team” that I just created. Is this possible?

I made this app for work. I am going to be leaving the company soon and would like to share or give ownership of the app to someone else.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Eric, you can move it to a team or transfer it to a new owner.
Send us an email to and we’ll help you there!

I have an identical need.
What is the best way to accomplish this?

@eltintero I see you included an email address in your response. Does this mean there isn’t an existing feature that will allow me to transfer ownership of an app to another user?
Or do I simply create a team, add [my client], leave team?


Hack (that I haven’t tested but logically should work):

  • Allow your app to be copied
  • Tell “new owner” to copy app
  • If you need to connect a different version of the sheet, then you can edit the data source in the app’s settings

*Note: Not sure how this impacts pro apps, I’m developing an app, it’s basically done and all pro features will be configured by the client, with my help, once the app has been “transferred” to them.

I’m not entirely sure how the app ownership is managed when you move the app to a team and then leave them, but your method about letting the new owner copy it should work.