Transfer the ownership of a Glide Page

Hi, I was working on a Glide Page with my business account, but I dont need it for work. I want to continue developing it with my personal account, but I cant find a way to transfer it. I recently saw a post in the community that said that I should go to privacy settings and allow copying, but Im not able to find that option. Any ideas on what Im missing? Thanks!

You can transfer Apps between teams from your Glide Dashboard.

Id like to transfer it to a different account (different email). When I try to click there, it only allows me to transfer to my team (same account). Not sure if Im missing something though

Add yourself as a member of the other team, and then you’ll be able to transfer it to that team.

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I built a demo for a friend to show what he needed could be done in Glide in my Pro account.

He has created a Glide account and I want to move the Pages app over to him.

As I understand, he needs to invite me to be a member of his team and I can then transfer the Page app over to his account?

Is this the correct process?


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The process you described would be correct.

  • Friend creates a new team called NewTeam (for example).
  • Within NewTeam, in the members section, friend invites Matt by adding Matt’s email address.
  • Matt will receive an email from Glide. Matt accepts the invitation. Matt is now a member of NewTeam and sees NewTeam is his dashboard.
  • Matt navigates to the team where the app he wants to transfer is located. Still in the dashboard, Matt clicks on the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of the card of the app to be transfered.
  • In the dropdown menu, Matt selects “Transfer” and transfers to app to “NewTeam”. The app is now in NewTeam, both in Matt’s account and friend’s account.
  • Friend can now navigate to NewTeam in his dashboard, to the members section, and remove Matt as a member.
  • Friend is now the sole owner of the app and Matt does not have access to it anymore. (Before doing all of this, Matt can duplicate his app in the same dropdown menu to keep a copy of his app).

Thank you very much!

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Nathan, Thank you. It worked and the way you explained it was perfect for my semi-tech brain. I am grateful that you took the time to lay it out that way.