Moving a Glide Pages App

I have developed a Glide Pages app (Pro) under email This is a personal email account. I would like to move the Glide Pages app to email which is a corporate account.

Is there any strategy or recommendations that anyone has to achieve this goal?

Thanks in advance.

I haven’t done it myself, but I think you can invite your corporate account to your team and give them admin access. I’m not sure how it works after that as far as removing your personal account from the team.

As Jeff suggested:

  • Go to abc@ account.
  • Go to team with project.
  • Go to members.
  • Invite xyz@.
  • Go to xyz@ email and accept invitation.
  • Go to abc@ account and team and members. Make sure xyz@ is admin.
  • Log out of abc@. Log in xyz@.
  • Notice that you now have a new team with 2 admin members (abc@ and xyz@).
  • The team is now mirrored on both accounts abc@ and xyz@.
  • Optionally: If you want to remove abc@ from project, still signed in to xyz@, go to members, and remove abc@ from team.

Much appreciated, worked like a charm.

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