Change my glide user email adress

Hi there, I d like to change my own glide account user email adress. Can I do that? thanks !

You mean you sign up with a new email account then you want to transfer all your apps to that email account?


I’m not sure if that’s even possible. Maybe @George-Glide can clarify this.


Glide accounts are linked to your Google Drive in order to get access to the spreadsheets. You can’t change the email of your Glide account to another email because all of the spreadsheet connections would be lost.

In order to use a different email for Glide you can create a new Google account, then create a Team on that new account and make the old account a member of that Team. Then transfer the apps to that Team. See this documentation regarding this. You can then change the Team ownership to that new member with your new email.


That was the workaround I came up with - I’m in the same situation. The link you provided to documentation doesn’t work. Is this where you would send people?