Move An App From One Account To Another?

I have one account with a developed app (no users yet) and I need to move it to a new account. I did some research and found out step one and so I created a template of the app and I got a template URL. I am not sure what to do with the link in my new account. If someone could advise me on the remaining steps, or another way, please share. Thank you.

If the new account has a billing method setup, you should be able to transfer the App directly into it.

From the Glide dashboard, inside the team where your app is located, click the 3-dotted menu in the upper right hand corner of the tile of the app, there it should say Transfer.

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Thank you Nathan. As I understand it, that only allows for me to transfer to another team within the same login. I have had to set up a new account (with different email address) and I need to transfer an app from one account to another.

Have a look here:


Nathan, It worked and the way you explained it was perfect for my semi-tech brain. I am grateful that you took the time to lay it out that way. Thank you.

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