Transfer between teams -- what are the rules?

It’s been said here in the forums that you cannot transfer a paid app to another team.

I have found in the new teams, you cannot transfer a free app to another (free) team either.

I understand the restriction when dealing with “paid” teams, but if I do development on an app and need to transfer it to another team (owned by a friend, etc.), why that restriction?

Is there another way to transfer an app to a friend? I don’t want to put it in the template store.



Why is that?

If it’s an app (rather than a Page) you can make it copyable and have them open the app link in their desktop and select the copy button.

I think the restriction you are facing is that you are not the admin of your friends team. If they are willing to they can make you an admin as we allow more than one per team now.

Well, no, in this case I tried between two of my own teams just to see what I could do.

If it’s not working for you I suggest you let our support help you out:

They are much better equipped than me. :slight_smile:

Hi, not seeing that option:


I also don’t see that option in the app settings (this is a free app)

I also don’t want to specifically open a support case for this because in very generic terms I know lots of people have the same question. On the new plan, what apps can be copied and where?


Thanks, Jeff, I tried that. I set it to public and see this:



Is your app derived from an existing template or did you create it from scratch? You can’t copy apps that were derived from a template, or at least paid templates…and use of the experimental code column usually prevents apps from being copied.


Thanks for that clarification… No, this is an app created from scratch. Not using the experimental code column (don’t even know how).

It uses Excel workbooks, but I also tried the same app duplicated (which automatically converted my excel to Glide tables) and it has the same problem.

Hmm, I guess I’m not sure off the top of my head.


I have the same issue. No way to transfer apps between free teams that I own and no way to make apps copyable.
I opened a ticket asking for support and the answer was disheartening:
“Apparently, Glide does not allow apps, even ones that are not on plans to be transferred to teams that do not have a credit card on file. Go to the Billing page on one of the teams you want to move an app into and enter credit card info. It won’t be charged until you actually upgrade to one of the Team plans.”

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