Transfer App from Personal Space to Team Space


I have currently two apps on my personal space and I want to transfer them to Team Space

1 App is legacy and I got this error message :
Screenshot 2022-07-12 at 18.21.56

But when I duplicate the app, I’m limited because of the free plan and don’t want to pay more

2nd is a pro App and I got this error message :

“An app that’s already in a team cannot be transferred to a team.”

I don’t understand because the app is not on a Team but on my personal space ?

Could you help me ?

I already try to duplicate the first one, but it doesn’t work.

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Apps on a paid plan cannot be moved to, from, or between teams because of different pricing structures. You can only move free apps, so you will have to duplicate your paid apps to free apps, then move those duplicates to your team folder. Then you can downgrade your existing pro apps and upgrade the duplicates using the new pricing structure.

Fair warning that this will permanently remove any legacy pro and old Pro pricing that you currently have. Just be aware of how the new pricing structure is laid out.

Also when downgrading legacy and old plans, you may have to get glide support involved so any remaining credit is applied to the correct team folder.

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Hello Jeff,

Yes I understood, that I have to duplicate the app, but the app lost some informations if I downgrade it and duplicate it.

So could we have another solution to make this happen without losing the work I’ve already done.

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You shouldn’t lose anything by following the steps that Jeff described. Can you be a bit more explicit about what you think will go missing?


Is duplication a best practice, or a requirement of transferring?

I haven’t transferred any apps yet, so I have no experience with this. I do remember reading in the community here that it was a best practice to duplicate and transfer to retain app uptime, but I don’t remember if it was also a requirement.

Things that are on my mind as I prepare for my first transfer (please feel free to add to my list):

  • Trigger Zap actions might need the Zap updated in Zapier
  • Trigger Webhook actions with passwords (are those duplicated too?)
  • API updates to point to the right app, especially those that are triggered by a Zap or Webhook action
  • Zapier integrations for any Google Sheet triggers if the duplicate is not using the same spreadsheet
  • For apps that I will duplicate, access to DNS records to update the URL

No, it’s not a requirement but you can only move free apps due to different pricing structures and payment details in different team folders, so your options are to downgrade an existing paid app, duplicate the app so you have a free version of it, or make the app copyable by anyone, so you can make a copy of the app that way.

I’m still pretty set in using the original My Apps folder due to some legacy projects, so I haven’t moved any major apps to other teams yet. I’m waiting for instruction from Glide when that transition will need to happen in the future. At most I’ve only moved a couple of sample apps that I’ve copied from others into a separate team folder, so I can reference them in the future. Those have obviously been free apps.

As for your list of things to check, It would be fair to say that’s it’s worth double checking everything when moving an app to a new team. I would say it’s very possible that a lot of API interaction with third party services may need to be reconfigured as well as DNS reconfiguration, especially if you duplicate or copy the original app. If you simply downgrade and move the original app, then it’s possible that your integrations will be fine and continue to work. Again, not something I’ve had to deal with. I try to avoid third party integrations as much as possible.


For using Glide API with HTTP calls, when you duplicate an app, you need to change the app ID.

When you move an app from a team to another team, you need to change the authentication bearer key.


With Make, I always keep both the AppID and API Key in a Data Store. So if they ever change, they only need to be updated in one place. Also guards against the possibility of accidentally exposing my API key via a screen shot or video.


So I duplicate the apps, It appears we have an error whey we duplicate it due to the limitation with free.

I transfer them in my Team Folder and apply the pro subscribtion and the App work perfectly. I just have to change some DNS configuration for the domain name and ask to people using the app as a webapp to reinstall it.

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As long as the domain is the same, I don’t believe the users have to reinstall anything. The installed app will just refer to the same url, so it should still work the same as far as the user is concerned. At most, they may or may not be asked to sign in again.


I did it and test it, and we had to reinstall the app.

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