How do you deal with creating a new version of a pro app?

hi everyone,

I feel bad for posting this, as I don’t know in which category to post it and can’t manage to find another post like the one i’ve in mind, even thought i looked for it and am pretty sure my questions have already been posted…

Here is my situation :
I’ve a pro app, which is great. I totally love it, and it’s so useful. Nonetheless, i wanna make a new version for the new semester. I’ve a lot of ideas of upgrades, which include Public with email or allowed email list sign-in options.

Here is my problem :
I can’t disable the older version yet, but i’ld need the “pro-app” option to build the newer version. I can’t “transfer” the pro-app program for the building of the new app, as the older app has too many row to work without the pro-app option.

I guess i’m not the first one to meet this kind of struggle. Is there a way around that i havent thought of ?
Thanks everyone !

Well I think there’s no way other than purchasing 2 Pro app licenses if you need both to be Pro at the same time.

However, the newer version might not necessarily need the pro license until you publish it and move users there though.

what ??
OK, i tried it, and u’re definitely right… I tried to set first the privacy of the app, and could not do it unless i bought another Pro app license. I did not even try to build the app, thinking there was this necessary step…
Thanks a lot, your help is even greater than the stupidity of my question !


Your question isn’t stupid, I didn’t know if you could transfer an app’s billing plan, and I’ve been using glide for more than a year!