Transfer app to another

I have a PRO app in “My Teams” the traditional plan. It has a custom domain.

I have setup a new team on a PRO team $99.

I tried to to do a straight transfer, but it did not let me. I assume it is saying that I need to first unpublish the app from my current plan and then transfer it.

If I do that, will I loose my custom domain mappings or will that also transfer. Do I need to update any DNS entries ?

Yes, that’s the way to do it.

Yes, you’ll most likely lose the custom domain settings, but you should be able to add them straight back in. You shouldn’t need to adjust your DNS, as long as the custom name remains the same.

Hi Darren,

This sort of half worked. Even after unpublishing it I was NOT able to do the transfer.

I created a duplicate and then transferred the duplicate.

I think even though it’s unpublished, it’s still under a paid plan. Apps under a paid plan cannot be transferred. If you would have cancelled your old plan, then you probably would have been able to transfer it, but the duplicate method works too.

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ah yes, of course.

@Dan_San sorry I gave you a bum steer there. My eyes saw one thing and my brain registered another thing :man_shrugging:

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Thanks @Darren and @Jeff_Hager

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