Upgrade Plan Button

Three days ago when I went to my billing page it had a button for Upgrade from my current $40 per project to the new $99 all-you-can-create plan.

Today - that button is gone.

Where did the upgrade button go?



Are you sure you’re looking at the same team folder? Only newly created team folders have the option to upgrade to the new pricing. If you are a $40/month app is located inside of an older team folder or inside of your now legacy My Apps container, you won’t be able to upgrade to $99 plan.

I created a new Team directory. Upgraded it $99 Pro Plan and it failed to transfer either of the current Apps which I am paying $40/mo for.


Glide support got back to me - thanks @SantiagoPerez

I needed to open the App, goto Settings/Billing and ‘Cancel Plan’ (downgrading). Did this for each App.

Created new Team Folder with $99/plan. Then I was able to Transfer projects to the new Folder. Opened App, all looked good.

Thanks everyone and especially Santiago.

Heck, I forgot their was a billing option within the App itself as well on the dashboard/folder view as well as the ‘portal’.


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