Revisiting How to transfer apps with old pricing

Bringing this up again because no one responded to @ Petr_Shemyagin when he asked this months ago.

I have purchased the Starter Package in the new pricing. However, I have a live, monetized app in the old pricing structure. How do I move it into my new Starter Package without losing anything so that I’m not double paying for both the old and new pricing?


Here’s the gist of it (from my understanding):

  • Since the old project has a per-project paid plan, it can’t be transferred to a new Team-based paid plan because the numbers/structure of the plans don’t line up and there’s no easy way to pro-rate the existing plan and make it align with the new Team-based plan.
  • In order to mitigate this, the existing project needs to be a non-paid project. This can be done in a couple different ways.
  1. Downgrade the existing project (if you prepaid for a subscription, you need to reach out to Support to resolve it). Once downgraded to a free project in the old team, you can then transfer the project to a new team (whether it’s paid or free).

  2. Duplicate your existing project (which creates a free copy). Transfer the duplicate to the new team, then modify the URLs of the original and the duplicate so that the duplicate “takes over” as your main project.


That seems extreme. I expected it to be as simple as transfer the files from one folder to another. When the month ends, stop charging my credit card for the old one.



There are still old pricing model for duplicated apps. Can I use old pricing model if new one is not fit for me?