Charging twice ? Confusion re Organization and 'My apps'?


I built a new pro app in ‘my apps’ and paid for it,with intention to make it public. I want to make it accessible to a list of whitelist users like my other apps.

I moved it to organization to get some collaborative help on improving it.

This work is done, now I went to ‘share’ it and make it public, and it looks like glide is trying to charge me again? I don’t know why - so I am trying to find a way to put it back to ‘my apps’ but i don’t see how to do that .

What are my choices here ? It looks like

  1. Pay a second time
  2. Rebuild it entirely in my apps

I hope I am wrong and there is some other choice, as both of these are bad options.

Thanks in advance.

When you transferred the Pro app to the org, did you see the dialog about cancelling your subscription and issuing a credit to the org? We show this dialog before you move a Pro app to an org.

Please email us at from the email you used to create your Glide account.

No I did not see that. I’m not saying it was not there, it may have been, but I either moved too fast or something, or did not notice, or clicked through without reading or something. or figured whatever i was clicking would be reversible and not put me in a bind.

Will email thku