"Public with email" privacy setting for organization app

Hi there, seems like the privacy settings for my organization’s apps are limited to org members and email whitelist. We’d like to get some users to use one of our internal apps in a sort of prototype/beta type of way with less friction than the email whitelist, is there a way to mimic the “public with email” privacy setting for my organization’s apps?

I think organizations are intended for a small group of internal users and that’s the reason why it’s limited to internal and whitelisted users. I think the goal is to restrict the amount of users since the pricing is designed to bill per user per month. If you opened it up to public with email, then you open yourself up to the potential of hundreds of users getting a hold of the link and using the app. You would probably be billed for all of those users, even if it wasn’t your intention.

If you are only working with a small number of users, then you simply need to get their email address’s and place them in a sheet that the whitelist option will point to. To the user, it will work just like any other public with email app. They just need to have a their email in your list.

Got it. Any way to somehow transfer or duplicate the app (with a new sheet) into my personal account for this use case? Didn’t find one poking around a bit in the UI.

To the best of my knowledge, no. It doesn’t look like apps in orgs have the template option to allow for the app to be copied, but I also don’t have a published org app.

Settings from personal app:

This is about as much as I know about moving an app out of orgs.

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We will have the option to make Public apps in Orgs very soon, and you will pay per app for those. Is that what you’re looking for?


Yes fantastic :slight_smile: any specific timeline? If it’ll be over a week or so, what’s the best workaround? Don’t mean to be pushy, this is a time sensitive experiment for us so if all else fails I’ll just recreate the app in my personal space

It should be available next week.


I really would love to have “public” access to my app even if is in a Organization folder. Is that possible?

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Can’t wait!