"Only I can sign in" configurable for Organizations

I’ve created an app for someone who doesn’t have a Glide account (and has no use with their own Glide account). I’d like to keep their app in my Glide account but add it to an Organization (to keep it organized and out of my other app area) ---- after doing this, it would be great if the new “just me” privacy setting was configurable so that you could enter an email other than Glide account itself (all users in the Org could still access/update the app in the builder by “previewing as” the user selected as the Just Me setting.

“Org Members Only” is the equivalent option inside an organization. We cannot offer “Just Me” in an org, because there is no single owner of an org’s apps—it’s “Just We” :wink:

Does “Org Members Only” exist?! That’s basically what I’m looking for haha

Don’t you see it in your Org app’s sign in settings?

This is what I see in my privacy settings. That being said, this Org only has 1 member right now. Will another option appear when a 2nd member is added?

Edit: just added a 2nd member and the options are the same as image above.

Does the Org app have to be a paid app?

Can you DM me the Org and App name and I can check it?

@david Just tried and it says you’re not accepting messages at this time :grin: