Privacy and Sign-In Options

So, I still have quite a few apps in the My Apps section of Glide, which are not a part of a team. The privacy screen for these apps looks like this…

The privacy screen for the apps located in a Team look like this…

Does Glide now give me the ability to let only users sign in if they share the same organization email extension at the end under the free plan? I’m confused as to why I have 2 different looking privacy screens. Even though I select Anyone from domain(s) - Only users with your email domain for the Users option, I can still see Glide generated emails for some users, like

Also, it doesn’t seem like Glide has a video explaining these new options on their Security page.

Finally, I’ve been able to get some referrals, up to 3,400 rows of data. But it seems like Glide with apps in the Teams section limit how many rows I can have, I think only up to 500 rows, and then I have to upgrade. Why is this? Because the apps in My Apps section still give me up to 3,400 rows, what I’ve earned in referrals.

Thanks for your help,

Anything in My Apps runs on legacy price plans, and therefore plays by legacy rules (including referrals which are only available to the legacy My App’s folder)

Some original team folders have different team limits are kind of a hybrid of legacy plans and new plans, so we’ll just call them old plans, and play by their own set of rules as far as prices and limits.

Then there are the current team folders and plan that reflect the current pricing structure and plan limits.


I think you still need a paid plan to collect real email addresses. If you are, then check ‘Users & Authentication’. Some of that stuff moved around.

Ok, thanks Jeff. I remember in the past, when I tried to select Anyone from domain(s) - Only users with your email domain, it would prompt me to upgrade to enable that feature. So, it’s confusing for me that it’s now available in there, but yet still allowing emails from users outside the organization.

I think you might be conflating two separate features.

  • (disable) Email Anonymisation: only available with paid plans
  • Restrict Sign In by domain: available on all plans

So the fact that you’re seeing anonymised emails doesn’t mean that the restrict login by domain isn’t working, or that the users that are logging in are coming from outside the domain you’ve set.

Easy enough to confirm, of course. Try signing into your App using an email that’s not part of the domain you’ve set, and see what happens…

Ok, did they just recently open up the option to restrict emails by organization for all free plans, or am I going crazy? Ha ha. I just remember wanting to use that for a long time, and not being able to unless I purchased a Pro plan.

Really wish Glide would allow my referrals to go to those Teams.

Yeah, I think this changed with the introduction of Team Plans. You can now have a limited number of private users on a free plan, which wasn’t previously available.

I think the limit by domain privacy option is fairly new. Whether or not it’s available for free plans, I’m not sure. There used to be a bit of a loophole, or hack, or whatever you want to call it, where you could enter ‘’ with nothing before the @ symbol in your whitelist, and I think that would cover all emails in that domain. It worked, but was not officially supported.

I can confirm that it is: