Can't invite new team members

Sent out email invitations to other members, the invitation leads to a loop with nothing (see picture).

So far couldn’t invite anyone, log-in is unsuccessful w\windows and android.

Using Free account, in Privacy using “sign-in”.

Help will be much appreciated!

Hola @Omer_Fishov

Your screenshot seems to be of a phone. Please, try on a computer and let us know if you have the same behavior.

yep the same on a computer

log-in is unsuccessful w\windows and android.


Have you checked that you are signed in to Glide before clicking on une link?

Do you have your cookies opt-in?

Are you referring to me as the owner?
Yes, I’m logged in and opt in.

Or are you referring to the invited team members?
In that case it doesn’t make sense because usually you first send an a invitation and only then the person signs in.

Worth mentioning, it’s under GLIDE PAGES.

I am referring to the person receiving the invite. Do they already have a glide account? If so, they need to check their cookies are opt-in and signed-in.

The app is designed for customers, and you’re saying each and every one of them needs to sign up to glide?

Yes, they need a glide account if your intention is to make them part of the team to help develop your app. If that is not your intention, then you may have misunderstood the purpose of teams in glide. If you are trying to invite customers to use the app, then you should be sharing the published app url instead of the teams invitation link.


OK, good point.
Firstly, the app`s purpose is to provide the customers with their account’s status, so indeed no need for them to be team member.

Having many different accounts on the app, Only the specific costumer`s account should be visible to him.

How’s that possible?

You can filter data, but I would advise applying Row Owners instead to any data that should be accessible to only the signed in user. Make sure you have a column with the user’s email address, then apply row owners to that column. Then each user will only be able to see and access their own data. Row Owners is much more secure than simply applying a filter.

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I’ve experienced this same situation, the other user had a a glide account

Will it work on a free account in which the privacy setting allows email sign in to team members only?

If you are asking about Row Owners, then yes, it should work with your current privacy setting.

However, I’m not quite sure what you mean by this part of your question, because Row Owner security would be a moot point if the only users are fellow app development team members. A Private Pro plan can restrict who can sign into an app by allowing you to create a whitelist of approved emails that can be used to sign into the app. With a Free or Public Pro app, set to public or public with email, anybody can sign into the app, but you can still control data security using Row Owners. Setting your privacy to Private for only team members would only restrict app access to fellow app development team members.

If you are attempting to emulate private app access, under a free plan, for end user customers by using glide teams, then you have to realize that everybody in a glide team will have access to actually edit the app in the builder, see all data, and preview the app as other users. Teams are intended for multiple glide app developers to work on and build the app as a team. Sure, a team member can be an end user, but don’t assume that they do not have access to modify the app or view and modify the data of other users.


it became too complicated so I switched to Glide APPS instead.

thanks for the help.