How do I sign in as a Team Member of another person's app when I already have my own Glide account and only have 1 main email address

Hi All,
I have a Glide account (with my own apps) and I’m a team member for a friend’s Glide account and helping to develop her app.

If I use the main Glide sign in URL, I’m taken directly to my own account. I cannot access the backend of her account to create tables, add components etc.

If I use her Glide app URL, I can access the web page of her app and make simple edits there. However, I need to have full access to the backend to make all the relevant edits, updates etc.

I have the relevant role. Tried both administrator and editor and still no joy, even though I’m listed in the user profile datasheet.

Any ideas and suggestions are greatly welcomed and very much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

PS: Both Glide accounts are free accounts.

Has your friend actually added you as a Team Member (not a user) to her account?

Instruct her to go to the Members area in the main Glide Dashboard and either send you an invite, or give you the invite link. Once you’ve been added and have accepted the invite, you should see both teams in the Glide Builder and be able to switch between them.

Yes, I was sent an invite as a team member and accepted the invite. Maybe Glide sync is taking a wee while (I’m in Aussie land) because when I log in using my email I’m still taken directly to my own account and cannot see her app or anything like that in my account. Is this what you’re talking about please?

Many thanks for your prompt reply.

No, that will have nothing to do with it.

You won’t see her App in your account.

If you are a member of her team, when you navigate to the Glide Dashboard you should see two teams listed in the left hand panel. Something like this:

I just want to be clear that you’re understanding the difference between a Team Member, and an App User. An App User has access to a specific App. They can sign into the App as a user and interact with it, but they cannot access the App via the Glide Builder. Whereas a Team Member has access to all Apps within a Team via the Glide Builder, and they can create, edit and delete Apps within that team.

If you don’t see your friends team listed in your Glide Dashboard, then you are not a member of her team.

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Hi Darren,
Many, many thanks. Maybe it takes a wee while for Glide to update. I did receive the team member invite and clicked on accept accept invitation and was taken to her app dashboard. I then logged out of her dashboard and checked my own account and also checked my dashboard

Desley Scratching Her Head re Filtering Videos for specific users

In summary:

  • Remove the visibility condition on the Videos Tab
  • Remove the visibility condition on the Videos Collection
  • Change the Collection filter to “Email is Signed In User”

I also noticed that your Email column is a Text type. You should change that to an Email type.

Also, given that you’re quite new to Glide, I’d encourage you to head over to Glide University to learn some of the basic concepts. This will save you many hours of future head scratching :wink:

Hi Darren,
Many, many thanks. I will do as you say and I did at one stage headed over to Glide University however got lost in it, as I couldn’t find the relevant information for the specific feature I was attempting to incorporate.

Once again, many, many thanks. Very greatly appreciate it.

I think a good place to start would be with the Quick Start series. This will give you a good grounding in some of the essential fundamentals.

Excellent. Many thanks. I thought I had looked at some of these videos however, as I’ve had my head deeply into various apps, it’s hard now to remember what videos within Glide I have actually viewed.

Hi Darren,
Many thanks however, nothing is showing in my Glide Builder that I have accepted the invitation and permissions. Here are some happy snaps to show what I have been doing.

I have undertaken these steps numerous times and nowhere does Margaret’s team show in my login page under my own emails.

Definitely scratching my head re this one. Yes, Margaret needs me to have full editing etc. including access to her backend dashboard.

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong please. Because I receive the invite. I click the invite and am taken to accept screen permissions. Then when I log into my own account, I litterally cannot see on my glide builder that Margaret’s team has been included even though I’m supposed to be a team member.

Many thanks in advance. All support and suggestions not only welcome but very greatly appreciated.

From what I understand Margaret should be able to add me as a team member (rather than a user), however I’m scratching me head on what I’m doing wrong re this.

When Margaret sends the invite, does she send it to the same email address that you use to login to your own team?


Can you show me screenshots of the Members page of both teams?

Hi Darren,
Many thanks.
Margaret Member Page
Screenshot 2023-10-13 212741

Margaret’s team only has one member, which means that you haven’t successfully accepted the invite.

Try this:

  • from Margaret’s Team, copy the invite link
  • make sure you are signed into your own team
  • open a new browser tab and paste the invite link into the address bar
  • accept the invite

If you do all that correctly, you should see both teams listed in the left hand panel of your own Glide dashboard, and you should be listed as a member in Margaret’s team.

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Hi Darren,
You’re an absolute champion. Yea it now works.

Honestly, all it was that I was not open in my own account prior to accepting the invitation!!!

Once I completed your steps, whalla I’m now added as a team member in both accounts.

Nowhere could I find that the proposed team member has to have their glide app account opened prior to accepting the invitation.

Such a simple step which has been omitted from the how to create team members documentation that I was going by.

Many, many thanks for all your support and assistance. Very greatly appreciated.

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