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I am the owner of the app for a large club and need help from a few other members to make changes and for the upkeep of the app. So far I have been able to use the edit pencil to allow the other admin to make changes, but would like to enable them to have access to the builder to make more extensive changes. Is this possible? If so, how?

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Hey @jillrohan!

First make sure you have created a team in Glide

And then move your app to that team

Then you can use Glide’s “magic link” to add other people to your Glide project Team. See here:

We have about 200 members that are whitelisted to sign in. I only want 3-4 to be able to get into the Builder to edit the app. At this time those people have the edit pencil turned on for selected pages, but that limits them to simple changes. I would like them to be able to resize photos, rearrange components, etc.
So if I change the app to a “team” app will the other members be able to sign in as usual while the “invited team members” would be able to get into the Builder?

Glide Team members can edit the Glide app. They can add screens, columns, etc.

Whitelisted Signed-in Users can use the app. View data, edit data, etc.

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I still haven’t found the way to “move your app to that team”. My team is in the left panel, but all I can do it edit the name or invite collaborators.
Your screen shot shows the icon for the app that you want to add collaborators to, but my app icon never appears in the center panel. That is where I am guessing I would click on the 3 dots and them be able to move my app into the new team app.
Thanks for any suggestions.

You need to view you list of apps in the default folder. Then click the three dots for the app you want to move and click on transfer to move it to a team.

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That looks like the solution, but it the app I need collaborators (admin) on is a Pro and when I try to send it to a team app it says that “I don’t have a payment method”. I do not want an additional app, just the original app with collaborators.

I haven’t used teams, but I believe billing is separate for each team, so you may have to set up billing within the team??? Not sure there. Maybe somebody more experienced with teams can chime in.

The documentation states that billing transfers, but I’m really not sure how that works. Do you know if you are still on a legacy subscription?

I believe it is a legacy subscription until Sept. 29. At that time we would like to change the ownership of the app to the organization. A non-profit.

I wonder if that’s where you are running into a problem. That may be a question for glide support to get clarification. I’ve never been completely clear on the differences between legacy and current plans and what you can and cannot do…and I’m not sure if it’s documented in detail anywhere. I do know that some things are kind of restricted if you are still on a legacy plan.

Glide Support link:

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