How can I Create a Glide Team and invite anyone I would like to edit apps together?

I have tried to invite someone to be an administrator but it is not letting them sign on. What am I doing wrong?

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Can you share some screenshots of what you/they are seeing? It should be as simple as sharing an Invite Link or adding them on the Members page.

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Hi David, We solved the problem in part. The issue was partially resolved when the person I invited, signed up for his own Glide account. Then they were able to join my team. I am still having problems having him assigned Admin duties. What steps do I take now that he is on my team to assign him Admin duties?

What do you mean by Admin? All members have the same access and abilities.

Admins can create content. Members cam play.

I suspect there is some confusion over terminology here. Please refer to the following:

So when you say you want to create a team, do you want to allow team members to edit your app (add and remove features, etc), or do you just want to allow them to add and edit content?

If the latter - which I suspect is the case - there are several ways to control which users can do what. You can set adding/editing conditions, you can control component and tab visibility, you can even create your own (CRUD) role based access system if you wish.

To get started with simple conditional access, have a browse of the following…

I want team members to add and remove features.

Okay, well as David pointed out there is no concept of “Admin” users in Glide teams. All team members have the same level of access. They can all edit/delete/duplicate existing apps, and create new ones.

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