Member invites don't work


during the last days i sent several invites to a person i want to invite as a team member.
The person receives the invite, clicks on it and then she is in their own glide backend (she didn’t have an account). She can’t see my app. The invite disappears from my backend (under members).
I have a starter plan.

Please help,
thanks, Sabine

It seems your colleague is inadvertently signing into Glide via a different Google account.

Perhaps you are sending the invite to and when she clicks on the link she is forwarded to a Google sign-in popup and she is selecting he account?

I suggest your colleague

  • Go the Glide signup page
  • Open an account with the email address you are using to invite them
  • Stay signed in to this new account
  • Now go to the email you sent them and click on the invitation link.

I’m not sure this is the issue, but if it is I hope the above will help.


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