Private access

Hello, very good, I would like to know why in the pro version it does not allow me to have the option of private emails to start in my company’s app

You need to upgrade to a private pro plan if you want to limit the user’s that can sign in.

How much is the value of them?

It’s all detailed on Glide’s pricing page.

There is no way to do it in a way of the pro version?, so that they do not enter with another email

You can use row owners to restrict who can see data, but it won’t stop any random user from signing in with any email address. If you need private plan features, then you need the Private Pro plan.

This is what happens is that my users when entering with different emails is registered where I have the emails and I do not want that

Well, you could let them sign in with the wrong email, but have a separate column where you can mark approved emails, and if the email is not approved, then you can hide all of the tabs.

But I will warn you, if you don’t have Row Owners on all of the data, it won’t stop anybody from potentially looking behind the scenes and viewing the underlying data.

Limiting which emails can access your app is the main differentiating feature of Private Pro. No, it’s not available in the Pro version, which is meant for Public apps only.

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